Is Cryoflesh Closed?

No.  Rather than let yet another goth clothier disappear, the current team worked with the founders to keep the brand alive.  We moved the company to Seattle in 2019.  You'll see that we still have many of the classics in stock, and help our brand partners develop and produce new designs all the time.

Is Cryoflesh Safe?

Completely.  We process payments through our partner Stripe, and don't store your payment details ourselves.  We love these clothes and wouldn't stock a counterfeit - the brand on our website is always the source of what you get in the box.  Our customer lists are not for sale.  And, if the USPS delivers mail to your address, we'll pay the postage for returns.

Is Cryoflesh Legit?

Yes!  We are a trusted retail partner to each of the brands we stock, and we stand behind the quality of our products.  When the current team took over the company in 2019, we redoubled our efforts to keep quality high.  We send out hundreds of orders each year and want you to love wearing these clothes as much as we do.  If you see we have something in stock even though everyone else is out, it's because we bought too many.

Where is Cryoflesh Located?

We're in Seattle, Washington (technically, the little suburb of Burien, near the airport).  We don't currently have a retail location and we don't think we'll open one anytime soon, but you might find us at a festival now and again.

Are Tripps Really Coming Back?

We never stopped wearing them and we don't know what you're talking about.  Want a pair?

Are Tripps OK For Running From the Cops?

Not recommended, but in case you tried, we donate 2% of our sales to the Northwest Community Bail Fund.