Garment Care

We love to wear these clothes every day and have for decades, but they can be more complex to take care of than more normal styles.  With some care, they can last you many years.


Turn your clothes inside out before washing!  This helps protect the design and the features, and prevents them from damaging other clothes.

Check all of the pockets.

Using a laundry bag will help minimize damage to your clothes by keeping them from dragging on things and each other.

If there are removable straps, remove them.  If they are mostly chain, do not wash them.  The long chains will catch things and might cause rips, and don't need to be machine washed.

If there are safety pins or other removable metal features, we recommend removing them before washing.  Safety pins in particular may rust.

If your clothes have color highlights, you still wash them like they were blacks.  But avoid washing them with anything that leaches color out into the washwater.

Wash them with like garments.  It's OK to put T-shirts and Tripp pants together, but avoid washing Tripp pants and delicates in the same load.  Especially do not wash towels with your clothes.  Avoid washing our clothes in the same load as heavy denim or similar.

Use warm or cold water, and don't use bleach or Borax.  However, if they need a deep cleaning, you can use hot water or a small amount of Borax occasionally.

Using a detergent designed for darks will help keep them looking flashy, even if they have neon features.

Wash on a lower than normal setting, like permanent press or low spin.  Intense spin cycles damage complicated clothes.

If possible, use an impeller washing machine (no plastic agitator in the middle of the tub).  But using an agitator machine won't immediately destroy them.

If your clothes have pleather features (like many Punkrave items), the pleather will eventually decay from washing.  If you want to avoid that, they will need to be hand washed and line dried.


Line drying will extend the life of your clothes, but if you prefer them machine dried use a low or medium setting.  Permanent press works well.

Be especially cautious of tumble drying clothes with permanently attached metal features.  The dryer will eventually rip out some of the studs or loosen the chains.

If you choose to tumble dry clothes with metal features, they will be noisy in the dryer.  This is generally OK.

Like with washing, tumble dry them inside out.

Special Instructions for Washing Fishnets and Mesh

Fishnets and mesh should be washed in a laundry bag with few other garments, and line dried.  The mesh will eventually tear with use; it can be repaired with a small dab of fabric glue or superglue if desired.

Care While Wearing

Although we and our partners take great pride in our designs, these are not work clothes, and if you wear them while painting, moving, or working on cars, you'll probably eventually damage them.  We'd like to help you avoid that.

If you do get a small tear in your cotton pants (such as Tripp pants), patch or stitch it ASAP.  While denim may tear aesthetically, tears in the twill used to make these pants will continue to lengthen as well as fray.  You can patch them with any fabric patch, including stick on ones, and they will work as well placed inside as out.

Baggy pants break in two major ways: they get caught on something, or the crotch becomes overstretched because they are worn too low.

If something gets hooked into them brushing past you, the pants will rip rather than dragging you with them.  The only way to avoid this is care.

To avoid damage to the crotch, make sure they don't ride down excessively.  Check by carefully doing a squat; if the fabric tensions and resists, you should wear them with a belt for optimal longevity.

What Can I Get a Refund For?

Manufacturer's warranties are not customary in clothing, and our options to help you in the case of damages are extremely limited.

If you receive the clothes with damage in a completely unworn condition, preserve the original packaging material and box, and send us pictures.  We can accept exchanges or returns in such cases, as long as the damage did not result from wearing them even briefly.  We might need you to preserve the packaging if the damage appears shipping-related.

For more information, see our return policy.

Have Fun; Look Awesome

We really hope you enjoy the look.  We do.